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Direct search

We support medium-sized companies and subsidiaries in filling demanding management positions. The focus of our consulting activities is the direct search by individually, discreetly approaching leaders and experts as part of the exclusive order of the client. If necessary, alongside the direct search we recommend an anonymous job posting to reach the widest possible market coverage at a certain time.
We don’t follow principles of a classic headhunting agency, because, according to our mission, it is a holistic process. Executive Search includes also the complete process starting from the analysis of needs, the position description, extraction, selection, evaluation, presentation of candidates and the conclusion of the contract, as well as other aspects, because only the onboard coaching completes the consulting project.

Our definition of executive search

We begin with a detailed briefing conversation with you on site to learn about your business and the key people in it. Our goal is to gain an authentic impression of the organization and the people involved, to learn how they communicate and interact and how you interact with your employees, customers and stakeholders.

What values ​​determine your actions, how do you strategically establish yourself? Based on this, we develop a meaningful position profile and a detailed list of those companies and organizations, where it is worthwhile to look into.

In the research phase, we identify potential candidates carefully and structurally. The personal approach will be discreet and trustworthy.

Our intensive candidate interviews are thoroughly prepared, are structured and carried out systematically and include process components from the assessment center such as role playing, presentation exercises etc. We seek the most objective evaluation and comparability of the candidates during the selection process. Later we use diagnostic methods, which refer to leadership, motivators, values ​​and specific work situations.

The structured and psychologically based assessment of the executives is being documented in detail.

Personal presentations of candidates, obtaining references, support in contract negotiations and subsequent onboard coaching make our recruiters so special.

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