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Obliged to both sides

Executive Search for demanding management positions requires a lot of tact. Our reputation as exclusive recruiters is more important to us than short-term success, because we only establish connections when companies and executives really fit well with each other.

Selaestus focuses on the core tasks of recruiters: on the search, the selection (selectare) and assessment (aestimare) of executives and experts – holistic during the entire process.

To our medium size customers and customers from group companies we offer a structured, psychologically founded and well-documented evaluation of executives. We advise you also in competency management, in the analysis of the candidate’s potential and succession planning – core tasks of a strategic workforce planning.

For our candidates we offer transparency regarding the client, sensitive handling of information and files, and a careful follow-up support. It is our responsibility to be involved in your case still after the conclusion of a contract.

Selaestus was founded in 2006 in Berlin. The owner and managing director, Dr. Regina Ruppert, is a Certified Executive Recruitment Consultant (CERC). Selaestus works for well-known companies and scientific institutions – longstanding and successful in Germany and Europe.

The important things are not written in a resume, that’s why we speak personally and go into detail with our candidates.

In Executive Search, there is no off the shelf solution. When communicating with clients and candidates, we meet extraordinary people – diverse in their character and abilities and unique in every way. We take this individuality, which is considered something special for a management position, in account during a consultation, which happens face-to-face.

We support the employer branding of our clients, communicate through contracting as appreciative and professional as with leaders and experts during and after the selection process.

Our intensive candidate interviews are thoroughly prepared, are structured and carried out systematically and include process components from the assessment center such as role playing, presentation exercises etc. We seek the most objective evaluation and comparability of the candidates during the selection process. Later we use diagnostic methods, which refer to leadership, motivators, values ​​and specific work situations. Our detailed reporting supports clients to make a successful decision.
The Selaestus team is led by our managing partner, Dr. Regina Ruppert. Whether as a Senior Researcher, Researcher, Junior Consultant, Executive Assistant or Senior Consultant – we are passionate about careers!

Our special commitment to BDU

Dr. Regina Ruppert is involved as deputy president of the BDU e.V. (Federal Association of German Management Consultants) and represents the Recruiters in BDU in Germany. She represents the following topics, such as talent management, women in management, demographic change.

The BDU is the largest trade association of consulting companies in Europe. It combines the expertise of different consulting services all under one roof.


Passion for careers