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The Federal Association of German Management Consultants e.V.

We ensure high quality advice.

Dr. Regina Ruppert is involved as Deputy President of the Federal Association of German Management Consultants e.V. (BDU) and represents the Recruiters in Germany. She represents the following topics, such as talent management, women in management and demographic change.

The BDU is the largest trade association of consulting companies in Europe. It combines the expertise of different consulting services under one roof.

Strict guidelines for the membership in BDU ensure quality and safety in the consultation process, for both client and job candidate.

Belonging to the BDU opens up the possibility for certification as a personnel consultant as well as an active advocacy and a multidisciplinary exchange on strategic topics in the industry.

The Mission of BDU: Continuous improvement of counseling services

The BDU represents the German consulting sector with its more than 27 billion euros in sales and over 150,000 employees nationwide. The Mission: the continuous improvement of this important service for the German economy and ensuring the high quality level of the member companies, from strategy consulting, personnel consulting to rehabilitation counseling. Through studies, certifications, guidelines, networking and development the BDU is contributing in giving businesses and managements in Germany the best possible advice.

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