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We look back on a profound expertise in traditional sectors, we know the special requirements of public companies as well as the regulations of universities, research centers, foundations and associations.
In addition to group companies there are medium-sized businesses, often family-run, which appreciate our consulting concept, the personal service and experience in the tradition-steeped German industry for many years now.


Mechanical and plant engineering
Transport and logistics industry
Railway construction
Automotive supply industry
Technical consumer goods …
The traditional industries are among the largest employers and are the backbone of the German economy.
The distinct qualities of medium-sized companies and many family businesses in this sector offer excellent quality from Germany with high global reputation.

During our consultancy, our clients have a particular need to find the appropriate custom fit for medium-sized structures with short decision paths and high creative freedom. In transport companies multimodal concepts are coming even more to the foreground. Buses and trains are important elements of mobility planning for people in Germany.

Our clients are looking for more than just expertise, they seek strategic foresight to develop the future of their company with flexible, committed employees after the deregulation of many markets.

The latter also applies to the energy industry and the automotive sector, which is challenged in terms of new automation technologies, a changed usage behavior and increasingly important environmental aspects.

Even for the pharmaceutical industry a strong imprint of medium-sized enterprises is typical. It promotes innovation, and with strong revenue growth and increasing value it has become in the recent years a motor of the German economy.

For many years Selaestus has been working for service-providing companies.
Our clients in facility management are among the leading service providers in the industry. Facility Service has changed considerably in the recent decades to full service companies around buildings and real estate, including infrastructural as well as technical facility management. In our consulting work we address the specific conditions, which go far beyond the classic mentality of service-providing. In facility management we demand versatility in all directions, especially a healthy mix of business expertise and technical expertise.

The waste management industry in Germany has become more open and versatile. Private service providers compete with municipal waste, are responsible for the environment and, ultimately, but above all, the overall health of the population. Our clients rely on our expertise and good networking in the industry.

Selaestus, assigned as a recruitment company, belongs in itself to the free professions. Our clients include consultancies with strategic and finance-related priorities, audit and tax consulting companies. The consulting companies alone generate more than 24 billion euros per year in Germany. We support the occupation of competent consultants, which must be up to date not only professionally, but must also be flexible, service orientated, structured and must use analytical methods in the counseling procedure.

Similar requirements apply to the private equity and investment companies: our clients from the investment sector are looking for strong change-management and convincing management types that reposition a company in a very short time. We advise particularly discreetly and rely on the broad network connections.


Facility management
Recycling consulting
Investment management
Private equity …

Public companies and scientific research centers

Research communities
Foundations and associations
Clinics …
Selaestus works for public clients and knows the regulations at universities and scientific centers.
Selaestus is mandated in the recruitment processes of well-known universities that use the recruiters-model of the Anglo-American universities for filling key positions in teaching and research, thereby increasingly wanting to bring female leaders to top positions.

Casting responsible positions in federal policy and private foundations as well as public companies subject to specific challenges, some of which are given by the legislature, partly by the (political) purpose setting of these institutions. These guidelines and criteria should be particularly considered in occupation projects.

For hospital organizations, university hospitals, medical and scientific research centers we recruit and evaluate managers on the first and second level. Because of cost pressure and the changing conditions, very good business skills and outstanding leadership skills are expected from medics.

Passion for careers