Supervisory boards / councils

Power for the supervisory bodies

For an effective corporate governance

The occupation of supervisory and advisory boards should get the highest attention and professionalism. This applies both at the corporate level, as well as for the middle sector.

Supervisory boards and advisory boards today no longer accept only pure supervisory functions, but also advise and take responsibility for the company’s strategy in close cooperation with the board. The members of the supervisory bodies are more encouraged than ever to actively contribute their expertise to be involved in sustaining a corporate strategy. A close, constructive and critical cooperation of the management and supervisory organs is needed.

Through years of experience in filling management positions, we have a very good network, which we use for our mandates. We pay attention to the composition of the supervisory board and direct the individual views on the technical expertise, on regulatory compliance and regulations as well as on personal requirements of suitable candidates.

With Selaestus you will find experience, competence and confidence – as a sparring partner for chairmen, we are committed to reach your goals.

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