With years of experience and a passion for careers we are at your side when it comes to setting the course for a successful future of your company. We support medium-sized companies and group companies by being a trustworthy and competent partner regarding executive search.
We focus on the direct search for executives and specialists to be offered challenging key positions in the exclusive contract.


We stand for independence and professionalism – indispensable prerequisites for successful and sustainable personnel consultancy. The same high standards, which we set for clients and candidates, we still follow ourselves, even at the high quality of our consulting services that we already provide. We don’t follow principles of a classical headhunting agency, because personnel consultancy is holistic and accompanies the whole process of filling positions.


A first-class team, very good knowledge of the industry and a well-maintained network ensure rapid success in the search for highly qualified candidates. Our lean organization, a well-structured and transparent consultation process and years of experience can lead to great efficiency, which allows us to provide a fair fee calculation.


In Executive Search, there is no off the shelf solution. When communicating with clients and candidates, we meet extraordinary people – diverse in their character and abilities and unique in every way. We take this individuality in account during a consultation, and it has to be seen as something special.

Get to know us -

our concept and our team

Our service for the clients

We support medium-sized companies and group companies in filling demanding management positions. The focus of our consulting activities is the direct search by individually, discreetly approaching leaders and experts as part of fulfilling the exclusive order of the client. If necessary, alongside the direct search we recommend an anonymous job posting to reach the widest possible market coverage at a certain time.
We don’t follow principles of a classic headhunting agency, because as we understand, our task is a holistic process. Executive Search includes also the complete process starting from the analysis of requirements, the position description, selection, evaluation, presentation of candidates and the conclusion of the contract, as well as other aspects, because only the onboard coaching completes the consulting project.

Passion for careers

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